Drive Train Service & Repair

drivetrain transmission service repair

Well Keep Your Transmission / Drivetrain From Slipping
Is your transmission slipping in and out of gear? Transmission diagnostics are cheap insurance against costly repairs. Most vehicles require a transmission flush every few years to preserve the life of the transmission. We perform full system fluid exchanges as they are more effective at fluid replacement than just dropping the transmission pan. If you drive a stick-shift vehicle, we can also diagnose and repair clutch or other manual transmission issues.

Signs You Need To Have Your Transmission / Drivetrain Inspected

  • You have problems shifting.
  • Delays in vehicle movement.
  • Vehicle surging or slipping.
  • Grinding or whirring noises.
  • Dark or silver fluid color.

Drive Train Repair

We'll diagnose your car or truck drivetrain problems and inform you of how well it is operating. Most vehicles will require a transmission flush or rear differential fluid exchange every few years. On older vehicles, we may need to replace drivetrain components like transmissions or rear differentials. If we detect failure of any of the parts of your drivetrain during our diagnostic check, we'll recommend replacement with our NAPA guaranteed parts.

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