Automotive Repair & Service

Petrilla's Auto Repair offers a wide variety of automotive repair services. We specialize in all major and minor work on all makes and models.

air conditioning repair

AC System Repairs

On hot summer days, a working air conditioning system is a must. We'll inspect, recharge and refill your air conditioning refrigerant and if needed, fix your luke-warm climate control system.

brake pad service brake rotor repair

Brake Repairs

Nothing is more important than brakes that work properly. Your family depends on your brakes. That's why we make sure your brake repairs are done right the first time.

check engine light diagnostic repair

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Your check engine light is lit to warn you that you may have a serious problem. There are many reasons that your check engine light can be on. We'll diagnose the problem right, the first time.

cooling system service repair

Cooling System Repair

Is your car's temperature gauge showing in the red? Overheating is the most common cause of mechanical breakdowns on the road. Maintaining your cooling system is essential to keeping you on the road.

drivetrain transmission service repair

Drivetrain Repair

Is your transmission slipping out of gear? Transmission fluid power flushes are cheap insurance against costly repairs. We'll exchange 100% of your transmission fluid, not 60% like traditional fluid changes.

electronic fuel injection system service repair

Fuel System Service

A clean, constant supply of gas is needed to ensure your vehicle performs safely and at maximum performance. Restore fuel mileage and the performance of your vehicle by having your fuel system inspected.

oil change lube filter

Oil Changes

Changing your engine's oil and filter regularly is the single most important service for your vehicle. Come see us for an oil change and a 27 point inspection of your car or truck.

30k 60k 90k car maintenance tune up

New Car Maintenance

A properly maintained vehicle has the best gas mileage, performance and lowest emissions. Regularly maintained vehicles save money on gas and keep your car performing at its best longer.

smog check repair

Smog Checks & Repair

We are a state-licensed smog 2 test and repair station for OBD-1 & OBD0-2 smog checks. If your car fails a smog check, we can locate the reason and repairs your vehicle to get you back on the road.

suspension repair

Suspension Repair

Your suspension keeps your wheels in contact with the road. If your ride has become too bumpy, bouncy or spongy, it is time for an inspection.

30k 60k 90k car maintenance tune up


A properly tuned vehicle has the best gas mileage, performance and lowest emissions. Tune ups are a great way to save money on gas and keep your car performing at its best longer.

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